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Originally Posted by Knorf View Post
The Spore-like creatures and plants don't impress me at all. The flight mechanics in atmosphere and space are obviously half-baked at best, especially in space.
If you don't like a lot of the animals you're seeing, pay closer attention to the plants and mineral outcroppings (the discoverable minerals I mean, not the shiny mineable ones). For whatever reason, these seem to be a lot more clearly varied than the animals, and even as I discern commonalities between them, they do excellent work at keeping them varied even within type, and making the parts fit together in natural looking ways (again, not as true with the animals, to be sure, though I think people are too hard on that part of the game as well. You get some bizarre looking stuff, you also get some really majestic looking stuff, and it's all fun.)

Same goes for geographical features. I have no idea why people say every planet looks the same. The number of dimensions of variation in geographic features, and the degree of variation in each, leads to an absolutely distinct "fingerprint" so to speak for each world I've seen so far.

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