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I've played both. They're similar games, but:

Empyrion is a "builder" game, with minecraft-like elements. It's 'universe' is much less diverse (a single solar system with fixed, known biomes on each world, barring mods), and there's a lot less of everything in it. It's harder and more detailed in its crafting, and the environments are more "realistic" looking.

That said, it's not done. It's at Alpha 3, and it richly deserves that alpha label. There's effectively nothing to do once you get inter-planetary capability and have built the high end of the tech tree. It's wildly unbalanced - either trivial or impossible, depending on the settings and what you're doing. The universe is basically empty compared to NMS -- there's maybe ten different critters and maybe thirty different plants available in the entire solar system, and even in individual biomes there's a lot less diversity.

Empyrion is going to be a great game, but at the moment it's a not-very-rich sandbox with no real "game" behind it. I'm guessing it needs about 2 years more work to be a real competitor. That said, it's a fun 10-20 hours, and it's often on sale. I come back to it every few updates to see what it's added, but I don't stay.

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