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There's a good game in there, but it could use some balance and polish. The progression system makes it so that you get significant perks after playing hte game for a while which puts new players at a disadvantage, and I hate that sort of game design. The matchmaking isn't that well balanced so you can get pretty screwed by it. And there's some balance issues - part of the core mechanics are that the killer has to put people on some meat hooks and wait for them to die, while their teammates can try to mount a rescue. But there's not enough of a tradeoff in having the killer just camp the guy until he's dead - the killer should have to balance the risks of losing that kill vs the survivors significantly advancing towards their objectives, but the survivors can't make that much progress in that time, so the choice seems to be to just camp the meathooks, which makes the game a lot simpler and more boring. There are all sorts of potential fixes for this - longer meathook time, or giving the survivors a noisy but fast way to repair generators which gives away their position and punishes the killer if he camps the meathooks. Stuff like that.

But the fundamental stealth mechanics are really good, the chasing works well, the game builds legitimate tension. I'm tempted to play it from time to time even though I didn't grab it. There's a Friday the 13th game coming out in a couple of months with the same 1v4 stalking premise, so I was going to wait to see which one turned out better. The Friday the 13th game looked more polished, but also looks like it may be dumbed down for ... other platforms, with features like highlighting the enemy players when you catch a glimpse of them rather than the much better designed stealth system in DBD where you actually have to see someone hiding.

I'd say wait for the other game to come out, and by then DBD will probably have a $10-12 sale anyway, and get whichever one is better.