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@Tabby - The correct tank to counter Pharah is Winston. No, really, Winston counters Pharah. Unless she's being pocketed by mercy, she can't get away from you fast enough, and you can do 200 damage in two jumps.

Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
Class-based shooters are all about counters. Every character in OW is countered (and often HARD countered) by somebody else, so matches can become games of paperrockpaperscissorsscissorsrockrockpaperscissors. On top of that, some characters are better on certain maps than others.
Now let's add in that the enemy team has a Genji and a Widowmaker (two characters that Winston absolutely destroys, and among the best reasons to pick Winston)... But they're also running a Roadhog. So now it's not just "how do I counter them" but rather "how do I pick my engagements so that I run into the half the team I counter, and not the one guy who completely wrecks my shit?"

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