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Originally Posted by Tabby_Cat View Post
Winston, really? I'll have to try that. I wouldn't have guessed (and to be honest I still don't see it) but I'll give it a go.

Actually now that I think about it, Roadhog is the actual "tank" counter to Pharah, but I don't really count Roadhog as a tank, to be honest.. that, and I suck at hooking, so I never play him.
Roadhog can be more effective, but Winston is a lot easier to pull off. You miss your hook and you're pretty worthless against her for 8 seconds. With Winston, you jump to meet her in the air twice and she's fried, and she can't stay up there forever, while you can chase her very easily if she tries to alight on a ledge. And yeah, Roadhog really isn't a Tank. He doesn't fulfill the main tank roles (establishing a line and a point to push through), he's basically a sniper/tankbuster with 600 health.

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