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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
Well, also that existence in "the good place" if it was running smoothly looks like it'd get boring fairly quickly. I cold see that being the overall premise, that some quantity of jerkhood is a necessary element to any society, on any plane of existence.
It doesn't seem like there's much chance of this particular Good Place neighborhood running smoothly in the near future, even if Eleanor (Kristen Bell) reformed overnight. We've been shown that Michael (Ted Danson) feels pressured to get things perfect on his first solo project, and we know he's already made at least one significant mistake and isn't handling it well. I mean, he kicked a dog into the sun!

I suspect that Eleanor's presence is not the only error in the neighborhood, and perhaps not even the biggest one. As Ellis Dee noted, Tahani and her silent Buddhist monk soulmate don't seem that well-matched, and Tahani is annoying enough that I'm wondering if her presence is actually another mistake. My current WAG is that she's in the same situation as Eleanor and keeps bringing up "her" past accomplishments because she doesn't want anyone to realize she's not the person who's supposed to be there.

IIRC the magical librarian lady also said the only thing she wasn't allowed to tell them about was "The Bad Place". Between that and Michael saying that Florence Nightingale, most artists, etc., are in "The Bad Place", I have to wonder whether it is in fact that bad or if Eleanor and others in "The Good Place" are being misled. So I think there's plenty of room for conflict in this setting, although of course it remains to be seen what the show manages to do with it all.