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Originally Posted by ISiddiqui View Post
I enjoyed the first two episodes. Plenty of funny material and I'm intrigued by the world. Tahini definitely does seem to be 'not as good' as you would think, but as stated upthread could have 'gamed the system' or there is far more to the Good Place that we, or the inhabitants, know. I wonder if the Good Place is a waystation - kinda of a mini-rebirth / nicer purgatory place
I like your idea that it's a purgatory way station, and someone else's idea that the bad place probably isn't all that bad -- they have all the art!! all the musicians!!!
Tahani really is a condescending bench. The main is, I laughed. Oh, and point system was funny....remaining loyal to the Cleveland Browns gets you more points, and rooting for the Yankees gets you closer to damnation? I'll definitely keep watching for a while.