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Well, so far we know that the "deities" of the good place are not even close to infallible. They seem to be extremely advanced aliens - note Ted Danson's unfamiliarity with the human body he built for himself as well as his inability to program Janet.

We know that none of the religions of earth got closer than 5% right - presumably that includes concepts of morality.

We know that the "deities" have a formula that determines who is good and who isn't, but we also know that a lot of folks who were pretty damned good didn't make the cut.

My guess is that most of the people in The Good Place are meant to be there by the formula, but we're going to eventually find out that the formula (or perhaps Ted Danson's use of it) does not actually bring up the best of the best. Just a particular slice of humanity.

I also expect that we'll find out The Bad Place isn't so bad. Or maybe that there isn't a Bad Place at all.