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Originally Posted by TruCelt View Post
Folks keep talking about maxing out "Trumps". I've never bought that one, it seems pretty useless, really. All that helium for an extra 8 or 9 Trimps per level? It seems to me that carpentry and motivation will get you a lot more for a lot less, although I haven't done the math.
No, you're correct - Trumps is a garbage perk. Carpentry is by far the most important perk for pushing higher levels, which is huge as once you break the planet you're getting 500+ He per zone (that's also with some Looting tacked on). It's definitely worth pushing for that once you are able to reach zone 50 (and if you can reach 37 and buy Wormholes, you can probably reach 50) - see my previous posts for some tips on getting there.