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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
Can someone explain (to someone who's not yet gone beyond Zone 30) why people refer to not being able to catch up in Coordination? Does its expense start to increase that much? I always buy coordination as soon as I start a new zone.
It's not the expense of the upgrade. It's because there's a certain minimum max Trimps that are required in order to be able to send your fighting group into battle. According to the Wiki the requirement is that [Max. Trimps available] >= ([Current fighting group size] * 3). And since that fighting group is expanding by 25% compounding every single zone, it quickly gets to the point that it's no longer possible to build enough housing to support the max Trimps you need in order to purchase the upgrade. Which is why Carpentry (the perk you get from completing the Size challenge) is so crucial, as it allows you to have a much higher number of max Trimps.

Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
Also, where the game shows me helium per hour, does that mean I'm passively accumulating helium while just sitting there like the other resources, or is that just the amount I've earned by defeating blimps divided by the number of hours I've been playing?
The latter. Basically just an indicator of how well you're doing on He for that particular run (it adjusts itself when you end up spending He on Wormholes, or gain bonus He from challenges such as Balance).