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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
That's what I bought. I also bought Heirlooms. Unequipped Heirlooms become recycled into 10 Nulifium when you Portal or when you find better Heirlooms and want to get rid of the extra, but you can save up 40 Nul and buy extra Heirloom slots.

I'm trying out the Meditate challenge, which doubles the strength and health of the monster imps, and increases your imps' gathering by 25%. The buffed monster imps aren't so bad until zone 25. The dagger/boot strat kind of goes out the door then because you need all the increased attack and health you can get because blockage isn't enough, even after getting Gymtastic.
I'm not planning on buying anything other than Im-ports until I have all of them. Well, maybe not Goblimp. The amount of Nullifium you get from a recycled heirloom isn't a flat 10, it scales with rarity: 5 for common, 10 for uncommon, etc.

Meditate is sort of like Balance lite, with imps not quite as buffed but your production also not as buffed. As to dagger/boot, it's important to realize that each new tier is roughly half as cost-effective as the previous one. Always buy lower tier first if available regardless of type- those relative efficiency numbers are only relevant when comparing options within the same tier. Once you've bought all, say, the tier 3 weapons, then I would agree with buying tier 4 dagger next.