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Originally Posted by Rigamarole View Post
I did my first run to 60 after 5 portals, with a build I posted upthread, but I understand this is a little on the early side for most (and that run did take several days). If you have in that neighborhood of 5-7 portals under your belt though, you should really be thinking about making the push soon. The amount of helium you will make once you start breaking the planet increases massively, and is critical for your long-term progress. I'm now at 10 portals with 5 broken planets and 33.2K He earned total.
I agree that gems are important, but I can't speak to how significant feyimps would be because I don't have them. I wasn't expecting them to be much in comparison to how much you're pumping up the Dragimp, but like I said I don't really know. I bought Venimps after breaking the planet, which is partly why they seemed like a good idea. I did grab magnimps as my fourth Imp-ort.

I'm at about the same progress that you are, coincidentally I also have 10 and 5 portals and broken planets, though with 59k I'm a bit ahead on helium. I'm trying to push to level 100 this run, which will take a while, but the reward from Frugal seems so amazing that I just have to shoot for it.