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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
I'll bet you can make it. I'm up to zone 57 and it looks like I am going to hit 60. I have 17 wormholes and am now up to 37 collectors. I'm able to keep fighting on because of my massive block, but it's slow going because the bad guys at this stage have so much health compared with my damage. I just counted and it took 34 hits to beat the last bad guy. So I'm making progress, but only by letting the game run in the background for a long time.
Okay, I'm in. Bought my WHs, ramped up production and I'm sitting at the bottom of z40 with 250% production bonus. I'll check back in a bit, buy some more storage and let it sit overnight.

Originally Posted by USCDiver View Post
I've got enough bones for an exotic Import. Which should I get first?
The FAQ suggests Whipimps, then Tauntimps, then Venimps. That's what I did. I'm happy with them.