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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
Pretty sure Czar is simply pointing out that the patch notes for Star Citizen amounts to little more than busywork so backers feel like Chris Roberts is actually doing something with their money. Other than furnishing his new LA digs.
The word "patch" evokes the feeling of an extant product. "Development update" does not. So they call them patches.

I have to stress that for all my honest negativity, it's obvious Star Citizen would in theory be the coolest thing ever, if it was actually a functioning game. But this isn't going to happen, not well, anyway. Perhaps it's simply that the technology doesn't exist, or that it's going to require a company that actually has some money to make a similar game happen. Maybe it takes a few tries before someone nails it.

Clearly, there is a market for a game like this. "No Man's Sky" was released to incredible fanfare and subsequent incredible disappointment. "Eve" has plodded along cheerily for years, and "Elite: Dangerous" is around, too. Someone will fill this market space sooner or later.