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In a strange way I kind of feel bad for Chris Roberts. Yes yes I know he's laughing all the way to the bank. But seriously, I feel like the Star Citizen is a victim of its own success. Had they made a good amount of money instead of the absurd amount of money actually raised, they would have simply made a great space flight simulator and called it a day. It probably would have been a great game. The problem was they got so much money they scope exploded, and then kept exploding and continues to explode to this day. There's no chance of this ever releasing in a state close to what has been promised, if it ever even releases at all.
I don't really agree. The whole reason I didn't back this in the first place is the insane level of ambition demonstrated even in the project as explained by the Kickstarter campaign. I know I've said this before somewhere, but if Chris Roberts had shown up and said "I'm gonna make a new Wing Commander game. It can't CALL it Wing Commander, but that's what it's gonna be. We'll add some online multiplayer dogfights and the ability to have another player as wingman via the internet, but it's basically gonna be Wing Commander." I would have said "TAKE MY MONEY!" but he didn't. He showed up with this insane sprawling mess of promises that in the considered opinion of me from four years ago, was completely beyond what he had shown was in his ability to create. The fact that it has grown even more insane with feature bloat since then is just the disease following its natural course. I don't think this game would have done better with more "reasonable" donations, because it was already insane when he started soliciting.