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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
anyone willing to play a healer is a saint
Only if you're playing Mercy or maybe Ana; Zenyatta's got some heavy offensive support power with the Orb of Discord. Basically it's a de-buff that causes the target to take some percentage more damage.. from ANYONE. He's also got a healing Orb of Harmony that he can put on someone to heal them over time.

The trick to Zenyatta is to keep both orbs in play constantly; the way I try and do it is to try and identify who on the enemy team is getting shot at the most, and pop them with the OoD, and then whoever's either tanking or getting beat down gets the OoH. Then I basically fire my shots downrange at the baddies, trying to keep them on teh OoDed player.

Coordinating Zenyatta with the more DPS-centric characters can be really effective on either offense or defense.