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Originally Posted by oft wears hats View Post
BPC: Sombra's damage output may be lacking, but it's difficult to gauge just how much of an effect a skilled player can disrupt an enemy team with hacking and EMP. I can see her being a counter to Torbjorn and Reinhardt at minimum. She'll probably be tweaked into a viable comp hero for skilled players. A good Sombra will probably deal low damage, occasionally picking off isolated and wounded targets of opportunity, but mostly stealthing around behind enemy lines and screwing with them. I think she'll require more team coordination than many other characters, but I see her as a more tactics-focused counterpart to Genji.

Being able to prevent a Mercy res during overtime is huge, it could easily turn the tide of a close game. Sneaking behind a Reinhardt and hacking down his barrier is huge. You don't need nearly as much team DPS when one of your heroes can instantly shut off Reinhardt's barrier for several seconds.

Also, she's about stealth, not open 1v1 battles. Like Reaper, letting your target see you means you've already screwed up. Unlike Reaper, Sombra doesn't have the raw damage to make her competitive in a straight up fight. But she can still cloak/teleport to safety, regroup, and strike again without being seen. I think the best Sombras will be those who maximize her stealth and mobility and only rarely use their weapon.

IMO, Sombra is Blizzard's attempt at making a more tactical offense hero, and to introduce more abstract gameplay affects in lieu of straightforward damage. I'm very interested to see how she plays out, and I can't wait until the novelty wears off enough that I can just hop into a QP and have a decent chance of practicing with her.
If your opponent's team is grouped up in a death ball, actually getting off a hack on a Reinhardt or Mercy is going to be very hard. Almost impossible, if the team gets wise to you. She should be a good counter to Reinhardt, but right now she just kinda isn't. Torbjorn didn't need a new counter, he's already pretty much completely nonviable. And while she's not about 1v1 fights, she still has to engage at some point, and she just doesn't do much damage. Basically, what we're looking at is a semi-effective flanker, except far weaker, with a fewer extra tools and not quite the same escape options as, say, Tracer or Genji (invis is completely useless in the middle of a firefight, and if your teleporter is on cooldown, or someone found it and is camping it, you're SOL - plus, Tracer can both get away and quickly re-engage; Sombra can't).

Tactical or not, right now she just feels very weak. Either her hacking needs to work despite damage, so that she can reliably make a play on a Rein shield, or her damage output needs to be tweaked so that she can play a more flank-oriented game.

Originally Posted by Ruken View Post
Anyone seeing much cheating? We encountered our first obvious aimbotting yesterday. But it's otherwise seemed pretty clean. Again, quick play only.
Blizzard is both pretty good at spotting it and absolutely merciless when it comes to permanently banning people, and people's new accounts they make to buy the game again. With that kind of risk, aimbotting pretty much isn't worth it.

Originally Posted by Ruken View Post
This wasn't very sophisticated. A very bad hanjo suddenly started headshotting everyone, and the kill cam didn't show the aim lining up correctly.
...Hanzo aimbot? That... doesn't make much sense. Hanzo is a projectile character. You can't really aimbot effectively if your projectile takes half a second to hit the target.