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There's an organization called Abstergo that controls the world from behind the scenes. They're direct descendants of the Knights Templar from the 12th century. Publicly they're a huge multi-national company, but do plenty of secret work to control governments and other corporations all the way down to spying on everyone through their phones, TVs, etc. There's another secret organization, the Assassins, that have been fighting the Templars since forever. They're completely secret.

Abstergo has a device, the Animus, that lets people relive the lives of their ancestors through "genetic memory". They use it on the protagonist, Desmond Miles, who was raised in the modern Assassins society but left. They make him relive the life of his ancestor Altair (there's an umlaut in there somewhere), an assassin from the 12th-13th century, to find the location of the "Apple of Eden", a powerful, mystical device. For some in-game reason Desmond has to relive several years of Altair's life instead of just jumping to the relevant part, which is why the game actually exists. He assassinates 9 or so important people during this time (and countless guards). Each assassination is accompanied by a 5-10 minute (seriously) deep philosophical discussion between the victim and Altair as to whether the Templar (organization and control for the good of humanity) or Assassin (freedom above all) beliefs are better for humanity. Note, this was eliminated in the future AC games, where assassination conversations are more of the "Oh fuck, my aorta! You suck!" variety.

The game is about 95% Altair, but after each important assassination it switches back the modern world, where Desmond is a prisoner. During this time you find out that you're actually the 17th person they've tried this on, Subject 16 died horribly but has left secret messages for the inevitable 17th subject and one of the scientists, Lucy, is or at least claims to be a member of the modern Assassins Guild. At the end, Abstergo is able to get the location of the Apple of Eden that they wanted, and you find that you've somehow obtained some of the cool assassin abilities that Altair had.