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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
Did you read the article?

What do you think of the opinions of the former players interviewed for it?

What do you base your own opinion on and how exactly do you think things would get worse and why?
The snark in the second half of my statement must have been effectively communicated. The educational support for a very large portion of big-sport athletes is woefully inadequate, while blatant malfeasance like that at UNC continues and expands. At UNC, over the course of 18 years, over 3000 students took classes that just didn't exist. And that's coming from the guy the university itself hired. That's just the end of investigations spanning back for years prior. The NCAA punished the university and their basketball team by...doing nothing. North Carolina won the NCAA Men's basketball tournament this last year. Contrast that with the NCAA suspending the eligibility of baseball players for playing fantasy football, suspending players for buying school supplies, or trading memorabilia for tattoos and cash.

The NCAA is a sham that pulls in over a billion dollars a year. The highest-paid public employee in 39 states is a head football or basketball coach. Many of those states have multiple coaches making more than Over a hundred ASSISTANT coaches make over half a million dollars annually. College sports are huge money for everyone except the ones actually on the court or field. Of those 39 states, you could take a full million away from 35 of those coaches to pay players and they'd STILL make far more than anyone else in the state.

FYI, I love John Urschel. The articles and math challenges he's posted the the Player's Tribune are fantastic.