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Originally Posted by merrick View Post
That can't be right on a 2-suited hand. Partner could have (say) S KJxx H x D Jxxxx C xxx, and 6H goes down while 7D is a make.

I saw an unusual bidding sequence the other day:

Playing Acol, you open 1H on the very nice-looking

S Axx
D -
C Axx

And with opponents silent, the bidding goes:
1H - 1S (does not promise 5)
3H - 4NT (Blackwood)
5H (2 Aces) - 6D!

Now what? And what is partner holding?
I thought Acol players open strong twos with good playing strength (and pay less attention to point count)?

Anyway, partner must want to play in hearts and is showing good diamonds... fishing for 7:

S - QJxxxx
H - Ax
D - AKQx
C - x

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