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K364 - Sorry, I should have mentioned that opponents (because it was opponents who drew this one) were playing a modernised Acol with 3 weak 2s - and the hand, while nice, doesn't qualify for a full-on 2C.

At the table, opener tanked for a very long time and ultimately retreated to his 7-card suit - 6H, which became the final contract.

His partner put down:

H x
D AKQxxx
C x

I think that's the first time I've seen someone introduce a genuine suit at the 6 level in an uncontested auction.
Biotop was closest, but I think if you read 6D as a two-suiter, your choice is between 6H & 6S, rather than passing partner out with a void in his suit!

Naturally, these being opponents, 6H turned out to be the only makeable slam (I had S Q9xx over the spade bidder and was hoping to double 6S)