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Originally Posted by merrick View Post
... I saw an unusual bidding sequence the other day:

Playing Acol, you open 1H on the very nice-looking

S Axx
D -
C Axx

And with opponents silent, the bidding goes:
1H - 1S (does not promise 5)
3H - 4NT (Blackwood)
5H (2 Aces) - 6D!

Now what? And what is partner holding?
Originally Posted by K364 View Post
... Anyway, partner must want to play in hearts and is showing good diamonds... fishing for 7:

S - QJxxxx
H - Ax
D - AKQx
C - x
Originally Posted by merrick View Post
... At the table, opener tanked for a very long time and ultimately retreated to his 7-card suit - 6H, which became the final contract.

His partner put down:

H x
D AKQxxx
C x

I think that's the first time I've seen someone introduce a genuine suit at the 6 level in an uncontested auction.
Biotop was closest, but I think if you read 6D as a two-suiter, your choice is between 6H & 6S, rather than passing partner out with a void in his suit!

Naturally, these being opponents, 6H turned out to be the only makeable slam (I had S Q9xx over the spade bidder and was hoping to double 6S)
Originally Posted by amarone View Post
Well, partner has bid this horribly, making it tough to get right. Why on earth has he bid 1S holding a strong hand with 6 diamonds and 5 spades? Better is to start with 2D, planning to bid spades twice, thereby showing the 5-6 distribution. The 3H bid puts the kibosh on this plan. I would still bid spades next (so we have 1H - 2D - 3H - 3S) and over partner's likely 4H bid raise to 5H.
Yeah, introducing your second suit at the 6 level after Blackwood is crazy. The Blackwood bidder should be able to place the contract after the Blackwood response.

But this is a good discussion to have with your partner - what is the meaning of these unusual cue bids after Blackwood?