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Originally Posted by amaguri View Post
man, if there's ever a commercial to dissuade me from EVER buying a product, it's this. everything is so annoyingly phony and smug, i get the douchechills just thinking about it
One of those 'regular people' gave an anonymous behind-the-scenes interview on those commercials. They are in fact people off the street, recruited for some ambiguous 'market research.' They genuinely don't know why they've been brought to that warehouse. Their reactions ring phony because...

... you felt really bad about saying something negative about Chevy because there were 50 cameras on you, and it was just this one guy. He did this magic trick of making it seem like you were hurting his feelings if you said anything bad about Chevy. You didn’t want to see this guy stop smiling. It was really bizarre.
Story here:

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