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So I picked this up a couple weeks ago, and have been playing it with my girls for a bit. It's their first introduction into FPS, and it's pretty good for them. Overall, it's a really fun game that lets us watch each other play and commiserate. One daughter is in love with Tracer and plays her (over my loving protestations) constantly. The other is much more flexible, and spends an inordinate amount of time researching tips and tricks online. It's a blast, and nice to have them engaged with their old man for a bit.

I've recently taken to trying out the competitive, and, my God it can really suck. The overall game design/balance is awesome, so the close games that go down to the last few seconds against equally matched teams are fantastically fun. Well worth the purchase. Unfortunately, those kinds of matches are pretty few and far between. More often than not, it's a bunch of idiots who want to play (and play poorly) their special character, no matter how useless in a wide variety of the games (I'm looking at you Widowmaker jagoffs) or how the team is shaping up (no, we don't need McCree if we already have a Hanzo, a Genji, and a Reaper). So almost every single game, I have to play a healer or a tank, just so the game isn't over in 30 seconds.

But even worse are the players who quit the game after it starts or deliberately tank on purpose. Playing 5 (or even 4) on 6 is impossible, and is nothing but a frustration, which really ruins a fun game. I'm a fan of Blizzard games, generally, but they really have a problem when it comes to dealing with people gaming the system to their own advantage, and the detriment of other players.

Still, it's a blast. Are any of you who were playing 9 months ago still active? Any teams needing another player?