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Originally Posted by pseudograph View Post
Humble Bundle has free Shadow Warrior: Special Edition steam keys available. Need Humble Bundle and Steam accounts to redeem.
And I can't get it to play on either of my (admittedly old) computers, even at the lowest settings. (I think it would be playable if I could get it to 640x480, as I have with other games from that era.) Fortunately, I thought to try out the Demo before activating my Steam code.

So, if you're reading this after the offer is finished, PM me and I can give you a Steam code. First come, first served. I will post back here when the code is taken. If I haven't, then the offer is still on the table.

(I unhooked my Steam account, and I still have the code. So I do not think it actually connected it to Steam. I think it just requires a Steam account for verification purposes, to avoid some sort of bot getting tons of free copies.)

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