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I (tried to) think long and hard about my call over 2H ... so long that the "play clock" almost ran out. (At PlayOK that would mean the hand is voided, counts as nothing for the other three players, while I lose 12 imps.)

What cards the other players held and what actually would have happened at the table may be completely irrelevant to this theoretical problem. And my bidding skill today is only a pale shadow of what it was when I played the game seriously 45 years ago. Nevertheless I'll venture some general comments.

This hand is absolutely huge when partner opens 1 Club. He might have only three clubs, but he might have more! If partner has Ace or King of Hearts I want to be in Six. If RHO had overcalled in diamonds instead of hearts, I think I'd have jumped directly to Six Clubs.

Negative double strikes me as wrong — it describes a very different type of hand. And do you want to risk partner passing? (BTW, first thing that partner said after the hand is that he would have passed a negative double. Against 2HX I think we take 8 tricks with perfect defense, 7 tricks more typically. Figure it out; RHO has Qxx - KJTxxx - Kxxx - (void).)

I was tempted to cue-bid 3H. But, although it doesn't promise a Heart control in this context I worried about subsequent inferences. I have no idea how to ask partner if he controls hearts(*), but an initial Heart Q might just muddy the waters. (* - A Five Spade bid might ask that question if Spades were the agreed suit, but any special meaning of a Five-raise is lost when trumps are a minor suit.)

If you do bid 3H and partner bids 3NT, it is far from clear to me that 4D would be recognized as a cue-bid. No suit has been agreed. I think partner would raise diamonds with his actual hand, which was
♠ -
♣ K8643
Partner's Ace of Diamonds isn't wasted — it's the 13th trick: Seven Clubs is cold! I strongly disapprove of partner's NT bid over 2S with a spade void (though 3NT might be reasonable if I'd bid 3H instead of 2S.) If he had rebid clubs, I could Keycard-Blackwood into seven. (One pair did bid almost like this, though I'll guess their 4NT - 5S wasn't Keycard, but rather treating Spade void as Ace! The other auctions to Seven were much worse.)

We stopped in six and would have won 2.3 Imps ... except that LHO, possibly annoyed by my long hesitation in the bidding, quit the hand after a few tricks. He lost 12 imps, the deal was washed out for the rest of us.

Any Dopers want to play at PlayOK ? In some ways, the interface is much better than BBase's. Send me a PM with your PlayOK login name!

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