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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
But aren't five-card major openings almost universal now except in Britain? We used to check "Avoid" on the "4-card major" part of the convention card; have most of the Avoiders converted to Neverers?
I think you are right, although there is some Acol played in Australia, I believe.

For a while my regular partner and I played Canapé (Blue Team club). That adds spice to some auctions, e.g. when Opener says "Double" at his 2nd turn to show his main suit. Anyone play Canapé these days?
A couple of weeks ago I read a book by Sabine Auken written in 2006 in which she plays Canapé. However, she now plays 5-card majors with Roy Welland. When I searched for Canapé, only one pair came up - Verhees/Prooijen - so I guess Canapé has virtually died out.