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The minimum GPU requirements listed on Steam seem to be higher than I would expect for any competitive online game. Going by Passmark scores, it's higher than even the PS4 Pro. Competive gamers prefer to be able to play well and above the requirements, so they can run at really high framerates.

Granted, we all know the minimum GPU requirements are far above the actual minimum. You can always drop the resolution and other graphics settings, accept lower framerates, and run it on lower hardware. Still, I was surprised at the minimum they chose.

When your previous game was a DX 9 game, it seems a bit too big a leap to get old players onboard. The general eSports minimum is what I think games should target.

Especially since the graphics, given the Steam video, seem so cartoony. You can get away with a lot lower graphic fidelity on cartoony graphics.

That said, I've not been checking out the Online FPS genre. Maybe everyone is doing this. But I would try to build close to the current big eSports titles.