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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
It is. Even better, they actually patched their own PC version of the game years after release. It looks awesome in HD and they even made minor adjustments to one section of the game that was never quite right. There was a very difficult couple of moments, but the moments were only difficult unintentionally due to the pressures of releasing the game on a schedule. It's all fixed now and is perfect.

A true 10/10 game.
I think I can say this without it being a spoiler: by "difficult moments", are you talking about trying to cross a net while fucking fireballs are thrown at you, or something like that?

Because I played the game almost until the end (I think), but there was one specific area I could. not. get. past. After far too many attempts, I quit the game in despair. If that section is patched, I might give it another try.