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Originally Posted by Ike Witt View Post
This thread is now over 2 years old. I'm assuming that there has been some progress over that time.
From the BILD review:
As impressive as many of the new experiences and functions are in theory, so much is broken in the game. The game is still in the test phase and version 3.0 is not yet playable for all supporters. Almost every day there are updates. These eliminate some problems, but sometimes bring new ones into play.

Crashes and, above all, a bad performance cloud the fun even more. When we start in the universe, we usually move around with playable 20 to 30 frames per second in the impressive world. However, this frame rate breaks down after a short time. Most of the time, you're more likely to go with 15 or fewer frames per second. However, the performance has improved a little in the last few days with each update. The developers seem to be on the right track.

► Only with decent performance, the exploration of the moons, stations and the execution of new orders will work properly and also fun. Currently, especially fights and accompanying missions are practically not playable.


Many features are missing completely or are only partially implemented. It may take a few more years before the title can be considered as a finished game.

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