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Originally Posted by MichaelEmouse View Post
Samuel, if half of what you say is right, then your visionary brilliance is wasted going on about it on an Internet forum and working for your father in some low yield job. Perhaps you should publish in journals or work in firms working in nanotechnology or the other wonderful things full of potential you keep telling us about.
How many of those jobs do you suppose exist, vs 'code monkey' positions that are generic? In order to do what you are saying, I'd have to be 10 years younger, I'd have to have richer parents so I could afford SAT prep courses (I missed some points on the math section, ironically), maybe if people didn't bully me in high school I would have had better grades.

Jobs like you are describing basically require a PhD from MIT or Stanford and a shit-ton of luck. There's only one Ray Kurzweil, and he was ignored for a very long time, and he spent his whole life shilling dubious predictions*.

Has it occurred to you that there are probably many people like me, but society at the present time lacks interest in such visionary efforts?

Remember the post I felt the most passionate about? There's a very real (from a "laws of physics view") possibility we could be preserving human brains right before death in a way that works.

Other people with far more reputation than me have pointed this out. They have mostly been ignored. Not with arguments based on fact, generally, but mainly a bunch of tired ideas that are bullshit..but most people believe them. Ideas like "if people didn't die, the earth would be overcrowded". "if people didn't die, no social justice progress would be made". "you'll never see heaven if you remain alive". And other total malarky.

So we let a million people a year die and spend 600 billion year on a gigantic military to "protect" our citizens from possible death from foreign attack. Oh and even more than that on medicare, which shovels money to institutions to "memory care" for patients who are steadily degrading from dementia.

You call me a crackpot for proposing brain preservation. "memory care" is literally a medical treatment that doesn't work at all. It does fuck all. The dementia patients keep getting worse. You can give an elderly person physical therapy so they can use a spoon again and then they'll just forget it. At least if you froze them, there's a chance.

So yeah, I wish I could do more with my life. But I can't. And it's probably only a little my fault.