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New AP story has tons of info on this latest development:
The documents obtained by Yahoo include bank records and expense reports from former NBA agent Andy Miller and his agency, ASM Sports. Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky and Michigan State are among the schools involved.

The documents, obtained in discovery phase of the investigation, also link current players including Michigan State’s Miles Bridges, Duke’s Wendell Carter and Alabama’s Collin Sexton to potential benefits that would be violations of NCAA rules.

The NCAA was obviously outraged, but is in a difficult spot. The documents have not been made public and the organization can’t exactly take action against schools or student-athletes based upon a report by a news agency.

Should the information be made public before or during the NCAA Tournament, the NCAA would be faced with potentially having to declare some of the nation’s top players ineligible and impose sanctions on many of the game’s most recognizable programs. The NCAA Tournament has generated $19.6 billion in TV money over the past 22 years and a tarnished product could hurt the bottom line.

Long term, it could force the NCAA to take a much harder look at its amateurism rules. The organization has had many discussions about this very issue, but the magnitude of the latest allegations could spin the conversation forward much quicker.

“This problem can be solved if players are compensated,” said Don Jackson, an Alabama-based attorney who has worked on numerous college eligibility cases. “The NCAA is not capable of adequately policing tens of thousands of athletes around the country.”
If those documents are made public before the tournament selection, the NCAA either has to ignore it's own rules or suspend the players and/or programs, which could prove financially disastrous.

Countdown clock is on and ticking...