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I must say after The Last Jedi, my anticipation for IX has plummeted.

I can forgive almost everything about TLJ, even though I think it is a huge slap down and F.U. to TFA, but there are a couple things I think were a mistake and are going to make things unnecessarily hard for JJ.

1) Killing off Luke when Carrie Fisher actually died.
2) Not killing off Leia when he had the chance.

Note, there was plenty of time for reshoots to make those changes.

I know it sounds cold, but Carrie dying is a real problem. I don't want Leia's death to be a footnote in the crawl, I don't want her off on vacation somewhere, and they aren't going to CGI her (which would be terrible as well). Knowing she's dead, and then killing off Luke in the same move is just awful. They had footage of her being blown up, so blow her up, or some other creative way, and maybe move it farther down the movie so she gets roughly the same amount of screen time. It could have been a very somber, powerful moment, if done right.

He should have let Luke live and allowed JJ clean up the "Luke mess" (if that even exists). Luke kinda sucked in this film, a lot of people think that, and I think there is only so much redemption you can get as a force ghost.

Johnson, seemingly deliberately, slapped down every layup JJ set up in TFA, and then did this. I think it's gonna be rough for JJ to come up with a good film.

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