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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
I disagree with most of your post, but do agree that JJ and his writing partner have a terribly difficult task.

Rian Johnson stole many of the climaxes for his movie he:

- Killed Luke
- Killed Snoke
- Resolved Rey's parentage
- Killed Phasma

When asked about what was left for Episode IX, Johnson has said, "I don't know. I'm not writing or involved in that movie at all. That's up to that movie's team."

I'm amazed Disney allowed him to take so much of the story and wrap it up.
This. AFAIAC, Ep 8 was the end of the story, not with a bang but with a whimper. There are loose ends, but not enough to care about or bother with.

Ep 7, though not the greatest movie in the world, still left me with enough reason to see Ep 8. For me, at least, Ep 8 fails to do that for Ep 9.

Thinking on Eps 1-3 and 7-8, I'm reminded of the opening sentence of "Prologue - Concerning Boggies" from Bored of the Rings: "This book is predominantly concerned with making money, and from its pages a reader may learn much about the character and the literary integrity of the authors."

In the original trilogy, Lucas had a story that grabbed the public's imagination, and it made a shitload of money. But the story came first. But in the rest of the eps, it seems like (other than the rudimentary notion of Anakin starting off good and somehow going over to the Dark Side) I have to imagine them saying, "we can make a shitload of money here, now what story can we come up with to do it?"