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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
My biggest fault with it (and I hope JJ can steer it back to where I, yes I, cuz I am the only one that matters, want it to be) is that it sort of ended the Skywalker arc prematurely (there's supposed to be another movie, Rian!). The cartoons, the side movies, the new movies, the books, et al can be about any one of the billions of characters in the galaxy. But these nine episodes, IMO, are supposed to be about the Skywalker story.

All the fun speculation fans had coming out of TFA about Rey and Luke and Leia were squashed in TLJ. Luke's dead, Leia's presumably dying off-screen, Rey's a nobody....I mean, I get it: Rian wants all of us to let the past die, kill it if we must, but come on man, let us have these last couple of movies with the Skywalkers and see how the magic wraps up before we completely move on.
A lot of fans wanted that. Rian Johnson made it pretty clear that he was making a movie he wanted to make and didn't give a damn about the fans. That's why it underperformed.