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Originally Posted by RikWriter View Post
I'm not the one saying that though. Johnson says it himself with the way he structured the movie. The fans want to know who Snoke is? Fuck it, he's dead. Don't care what they want.
The fans want to know who Rey's parents are? Fuck it, they're nobodies, unimportant.
The fans want to see the dramatic moment when Rey hands Luke back his lightsaber?
Fuck it, let's turn it into a comic moment and have him toss it over his shoulder.
I understand that this is how you feel, but you don't speak for the fans, and you don't speak for Johnson. I wanted to see/know all this, and I think Johnson handled these scenes very creatively and very enjoyably.

I can get that you didn't like the movie, and neither did many other fans. What I don't get is why this view must necessarily be the view of "the fans", and that fans like me who loved it don't matter. Why can't we just disagree about the movie -- why does your view have to be the definitive view of "the fans"?

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