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What By The Rules of Major League Baseball...?!

Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post

If a batted or thrown ball hits something on the field like a bird, it is in play. There was a minor league game in which an apparent home run hit a bird in flight and the ball was then caught by an outfielder for an out. I suspect if some animal picked a ball up off the ground and flew or ran it into the stands an umpire would not award a home run, but a double. If a bird caught one in flight, I don't know, but that would be a big bird.

But when Jose Canseco misplayed a fly ball short of the warning track and it bounced off the top of his head and over the wall some ten feet away - the infamous "Dome Run" was scored a homer.

So if an actual fielder can record the assist, so to speak, and a live bird is considered not "fan interference" but simply part of the field in play - which also happened to Kevin McReynolds in 1987 when a bird in flight converted a routine double play into an RBI double - then wouldn't it stand to reason that an avian interception would be like if a blown hot dog wrapper somehow scooped a deep fly ball over the wall?

I mean, it'd be a different story if it was a trained bird working in tandem one of those self-named "ball hawks" who pursue catching home run balls at ballparks. But I'm talking a wild bird.

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