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Originally Posted by Jeff Lichtman View Post
Here's one I've wondered about for a while. The rules say that baserunners are supposed to return to their bases after an uncaught foul ball, and that the umpire-in-chief shouldn't put the ball back in play until this happens. It's common, though, for a new ball to be put in play without the runners retouching their bases. The rules don't specify a penalty for this, as far as I can tell. What would happen if, say, on a foul ball a runner on first base wandered over to within a foot of second and then stepped over and touched second as soon as the pitcher toed the rubber? Of course, this would be a big mistake on the part of the umpires, but how could they fix it? Would it be possible to tag the runner out at second even if he's touching the base (because he's not entitled to it)? Would an appeal play at first be possible? Would the umpires just call time out and order the runner to return to first?
The proper call is to call time and return the runner to first.
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