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Originally Posted by Ponch8 View Post
This just happened the other night. Ryan Braun stole second without a throw from Lester. Moments later, when he tried to steal third, Lester easily threw him out.
In this case, the successful stolen base wasn't even on a pitch or throw. Braun (the runner) noticed that Lester wasn't paying attention to him, and took off while Lester had the ball on the mound. Lester didn't even try to make a play.

On the second, unsuccessful steal attempt, Lester's throw to third wasn't very good (he bounced it), but it was in time to catch Braun. It's hard to catch someone napping twice in such a short period.

BTW, it looks to me like the first baseman didn't say anything to Lester until it was too late. Braun took a huge walking lead before he started running. Someone on the Cubs should have alerted Lester so he could make a throw to first. Even a poor throw would have gotten Braun.

Neither of these is quite the same as what we've been discussing, which is a steal on the catcher's throw back to the pitcher.
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