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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
You can see a time it could have happened here.

Raj Davis made an incredible juggling catch of Cabrera's fly almost to the fence. With one out in the 9th, the runners on first and second had taken off. Raj threw it in and Lindor (it's normally the second baseman who takes relays from right center, but they had a shift on and I think Lindor took it) relayed it to the plate, but not in time to get the runner from second. They then threw to first doubling that runner off. Game over. Had they subsequently appealed at second, the "fourth out" would have replaced the third out and Cody Allen would not have been charged with an earned run.
Apparently no run was scored on that final play. The score is 7-4 when the last batter comes to the plate, and the final score is also 7-4. Is there a way to look up the official scorecard?