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Originally Posted by Jeff Lichtman View Post
I found the box score here. The final score was 7-5, not 7-4. OldGuy is right that they could have erased the fifth run by appealing at second, but the only point to it would have been to lower Allen's ERA. The extra run made no difference in the outcome of the game.
My recollection, is the final score was reported as 7-4 even the next day in the papers as many people thing of those appeals as a force play (they're treated as one as the baseman usually doesn't actually appeal like they do on a missed base) so the run would not count. They did change it though. I recall watching the game and yelling at the TV for them to appeal at second, but they didn't listen.

I recall another game a few years earlier when (I believe) a runner from third tagged and scored while a runner on first was running. He was doubled off, but not until after the runner from third had crossed the plate. The scoreboard didn't show the run. A few innings later the umpires informed the teams the run counted. I always wondered if that was grounds for appeal as the extra run could have changed strategies.