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Originally Posted by DCnDC View Post
What if there's a popup and someone tosses a bunch of other balls into the air, Naked Gun style? I assume that would that be interference and an instant dead ball, instant out, followed by ejections and possible forfeit, depending on who interfered and how ornery the ump is that day?
There was a play something like this in 1959 (?). Braves at bat vs I don't recall. Batter checked his swing ball sailed past everyone to the backstop. Catcher said foul tip, ump said no, but he did put a new ball into the cather's hand. Catcher threw to second trying to get the runner advancing from first and threw it into center field. Meanwhile the third (or possibly first) baseman had run and collected the original ball.

Runner saw the ball go into center so he took off for third only to be tagged out with the original ball held by the shortstop (I believe). Ump ruled him out. That seemed like a travesty to me. Fairest thing would have been to allow him to stay on second. Second fairest call the ball dead and return him to first.