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Some additional details have trickled out. As noted earlier there will be no human NPCs, not even raider gangs. Quests will be via found objects or robots/computers. They talked a bit more about the nuke sites scattered about the map. I guess finding them will be part of the main quest line and they will be tough to get into and find all the codes (you would have to either do the quest repeatedly or team up with others who have done it to get the full codes to launch). Launching the nuke actually creates a high level zone for players to go into, so it's not just something used to grief other players.

Player bases will be portable or at least will disappear from the world when the player logs out. The base can be degraded but not destroyed, presumably not even by a nuke. There will be multiple game worlds and you'll be 'matched' to one, though they didn't say how your friends would find you or get on the same server. VATs will still be in the game, but it will be in real time, so it will really be an aiming system. You will be able to put points into the perks for it though to make it more powerful, but it won't pause or even slow time. They haven't really talked about any of the other perks or skills yet but I assume they will be a lot like what's in the various games already.

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