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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
"Ugh there's just so many shit systems connected to this one horrible decision, I can't even begin to sort it out... I'll just start a new colony, fuck it".
In one of the The Expanse books, a character is talking about space colonies, and how there are so many interdependent systems in a typical colony, but without the redundancy and therefore robustness of a natural system. And when one system goes down, colony collapse is inevitable even if you can string it along for a while, because all the effects cascade and bring down all of the connected other systems, and the systems connected to those, etc. That's pretty much this game in a nutshell.

I came really, really close due to a single stupid error. For some reason, my dupes were refusing to take care of a bunch of stuff--refuelling my coal generators, running the oil refinery, completing some super-important construction tasks, etc. Instead they were going out of their way to finish some extremely low-priority stuff, and mostly just running on their hamster wheels. I was out of battery juice and virtually everything was shutting down. I couldn't understand it.

My lower levels (with power generation and some other industry) are hot and poisonous, and so I had an atmo suit checkpoint. And, due to a small defect in oxygen routing, they weren't being refilled with O2 at a sufficient rate. So the dopes basically wouldn't go down there except when a rare blob of O2 made it to one of the suits. It stopped like 99% of the necessary visits to those levels.

Took me quite a few cycles to find the problem and I just barely recovered. A few dupes almost suffocated or heatstroked since the only way to fix the problem was to let them down there without suits (since there was no sufficient power reserve to refill them even once I fixed the pipes). But with enough careful priority management I just made it.

Great fun!