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Originally Posted by MichaelEmouse View Post
I'm starting to see the utility of cooling. I kept getting oil spills near my polymer press and I wondered what it was. It was the plastic I made melting. I really needed that plastic to facilitate surface exploration by building a tube system.

Yeah, I haven't started with plastics but according to the Wiki it gets created at 75 and its melting point is 76. And the machines producing it emit a ton of heat. Good luck sorting it out .

Cooling air seems to be much easier than cooling liquid. Do I understand that the aquatuner needs to be either in a very cold gas environment or in liquid? I don't seem to have any loose liquid to pour in its enclosure.

Cooling is easier with liquids, but cooling the liquid afterwards is much harder to do than cooling gas.
And yeah, temp tuners remove heat from whatever is travelling through them but transfer it to the air (or liquid) around them. Ideally you sit them either in a hydrogen room stuffed with wheezeworts or a pool of liquid you'll deal with later - but with water than can be dicey, you can end up flashboiling it and have your machine suddenly conk out right after that. Polluted water has a higher boiling point and more heat capacity.

Naptha, probably. Not sure if it can be used for anything.

Doesn't look like it. It seems like it once had interesting properties, but now it's just another liquid ; and it's not used by or in anything.
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