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Originally Posted by MichaelEmouse View Post
I looked for it but found nothing. Updates seem to come out every 1-2 months though.
I think I saw somewhere they have a regular 6-week update schedule, but I can't find that now.
I've been wanting to create a control room around the research stations where you could control nearly every part of the base using signal switches. Labeling would be useful for that.
I've been dismantling the research stations by around cycle 60 or 70 or whenever I complete the research tree; that's much earlier than I get much need for switching. But I do like the idea of a central station for controlling the base.
You may want to start a thread on Steam and tell the devs about it. If they've been thinking about it or other people agree, it may influence them.
Good idea!
I built a turbine on top of a geysers but my timing was bad and I'll have to wait 68 cycles more. If I remember correctly, you need a 3000g pressure differential between what's on top and beneath and turbine and the region beneath the turbine has to be about 220°Celsius. If you manage it, please show us how you did it as that would be pretty impressive.

Steam turbine might work well down near magma though.

Which reminds me, has anyone else been surprised by inundating oil when prospecting for it? I'd dug a deep, narrow shaft to get to the oil quickly and once I started digging in the ground near crude oil deposits, it suddenly came out and flooded the narrow shaft about the height of a biome.
I need to go prospecting--just found the biome that has oil, but haven't dug in it at all yet. I do have a question: is there an easy way to find geysers? So far all I've found in my current world is a cool slush geyser, and I'd love to find some others.