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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Ah, woops. I thought transit tubes cost 25 plastic per piece, but I was thinking of plastic ladders. 100 per piece means a whole lot of plastic for a decent run.

How do thermal nullifiers work? Do they just suck in heat created in that area? So you pipe in some hydrogen, then run a pipe up there with some o2 you want to use in your base and put a thermal exchanger thing up there near the nullifier?
Yep, the nullifier just cools whatever is around it. I think my next liquid cooling solution will be to put the fluid right on the nullifier. It obviously liquefies chlorine, so experiment will proceed apace.

You could also use radiant ducts to increase the cooling effect on your pipe. That's my current solution right now - just piping air from the base to a frozen biome, running it through in radiant ducts, then sending to back to vent near the base, where my heat has tended to collect.