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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Watch out; it can be flooded. If you pump chlorine gas in the top and let it condense to at the bottom, pumping out the liquid as it forms, you should be all right. You can also use radiant pipes running through tempshift plate to transfer the heat, but that requires keeping it in liquid form--risky.
Well damn. Guess I'm gonna have to try something else. I still plan on using liquid cooling - it's just so much more efficient. Chlorine is still the plan, as it has a decently large window of stable temperature, with roughly 60 degrees between gas and solid. Properly managed, it shouldn't be TOO difficult to keep it in that range, which also happens to be right about where a frozen biome sits anyway.

Properly managed is the key phrase. My dwarfs can tell you that "properly managed" is more like a fantasy than a realistic goal.