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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Interesting--I'm surprised that's stable. But yeah, CO2 definitely sinks to the bottom. Still, I feel like I need a pump and an atmo sensor or something...

Nah, not really. That's the beauty of it IMO - it's 0 power, buildable from day 1 (well, you do need agriculture for the food boxes) and it's damn reliable all thanks to how gasses behave.

The only time I had it sort of fail on me was when my entire habitat got very, very low on oxy pressure (because I hadn't noticed I'd run clean out of algae some cycles ago and hadn't switched to electrolyzers yet ) which meant the concentrated CO2 inside the trap started decompressing & leaking out ; then when I hurriedly fixed the problem the CO2 left inside got repressurized and forced back down but there had been enough leakage that some O2 wound up on the upper shelf for a little while before it self-corrected again. I just set the priority on the lower boxes to 7 instead of 6, a dupe came in to switch all the food from one bin to the next and that was that.
I suppose an horizontal airlock door atop the ladder would prevent that from happening at all but even that's a bit overkill IMO.
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