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I've gotten to the point where everything is kind of a hassle to do because everything I need to do is so far from base. And it's hard to say for sure, but it seems like sometimes the dups won't carry things efficiently. Like I'll need something that requires 25kg of gold, so they go all the way to where there's multiple piles of gold waiting to be swept up worth maybe 500kg, just grab the 25kg, then make the long journey back.... so a lot of my dup time is spent on these tiny errands. I guess I should have a more organized system of smart containers, but I find it to be kind of a pain in the ass compared to rimworld because you can't set container priority, so if you want a particular thing to be stored in a particular spot, you can't just set it to store that thing and give it a high priority, rather, you have to go back through your other dozen storage boxes around your base and uncheck it there - much more of a pain in the ass.